Circuit Boards

We design and deliver custom PCB's tailored to your requirements, from small batch to full production runs.


Custom firmware services using a variety of microprocessors, peripherals, and bus architectures. Experienced in optimizing for low-power applications where battery life is crucial.


We have experience integrating a variety of wireless technologies including RFID, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, sub-GHz, Cellular, GPS, and Satellite communications.


Push your sensor data to the Cloud and make it accessible from a smart-phone app.

User Interface

From minimal LEDs and buttons, to full color touch screens and graphics, we can integrate numerous user interface options into your product.

Data Analysis

We can help pull your signals from the noise using a variety of techniques, and provide software for desktop applications and firmware.


Check out some of our favorite projects.

We've completed a wide range of projects from startup prototypes to consumer products, and sensor packages used for a variety of research projects.


Our latest posts.



Have gotten several IoT sensors online recently, including power monitoring at the main electrical panel, CO2/VOC air concentrations, temp/humidity, and light levels. Also integrated an ultrasound-based flow monitor, that clamps on the pipe entering the building, with good low-level flow readings. Alexa can now be utilized for some control functionality as well.


Low Level Light Generator

Completed initial development and testing of a device for generating extremely low level modulated light signals for calibrating and testing of our photon counting based projects.


Graphtopia adds GoPro HERO 5 Support

Graphtopia can now read MP4 files from HERO 5 cameras and process the metadata track, which includes 3D accelerometer and gyro data, GPS data, and heart rate data.


Comparison of performances over the same course

Software was developed to compare performances of multiple bike rides over the same course.


Wind Speed Sensor

We used a wind speed sensor to augment data from a Garmin sports watch to derive power and other quantities for bike rides.


Using 3D modeling software to visualize foot motions

Recently we used data from our 9-DOF foot pod data logger to develop a 3D animation of the feet during a run. We compared the animation with an actual video, and began analyzing the run dynamics.


Pulse Oximetry

We prototyped a sensor for reading pulse rate and oxygen saturation, and we evaluated the module's feasibility of deriving blood pressure.

About Us

Dr. Kellner received his Ph.D. from Stanford University in mathematics. He worked fifteen years at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and 22 years in his own companies, both in software development and in the design and implementation of advanced hardware architectures and embedded systems.

Dr. Kellner’s first company developed and produced a software product and was sold to American Express. Some of his military customers have included the Joint Chiefs of Staff, CENTCOM, DNA, USANCA, SBCCOM and CMA. He has also worked with several other US Government agencies and the Warrior Preparation Center in Europe. On the civilian side, he has performed work for agencies in New Mexico, Indiana and Alabama.


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We're always looking for partners to collaborate with on emerging sensor based applications.

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