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Autonomous Innovations, Inc. (AII) is actively developing several exciting new sensor-based products, spanning from mountain biking to homeland security!

ANDalyze has announced the AND1100 Fluorimeter, a 2nd generation handheld platform that offers simple, fast, inexpensive and reliable detection of trace metals and other target chemicals. AII developed the AND1000 and AND1100 electronics, optics, and embedded firmware. For more information on the AND1000 and AND1100, see the ANDalyze website.

Many other projects are underway, building on AII's electronics, sensor, and software expertise. A new revision of the Sensor Hub was developed, capable of adding wired and wireless environmental monitoring in addition to all the existing features. The new device will also be able to transmit its readings using Wi-Fi, Cellular Internet, or even Satellite. The wireless sensor networks use AII's ZigBee PRO sensor modules which are extremely low-powered end-devices, that communicate with each other as a mesh network. Also under development is a wireless physiological sensor for monitoring the human body, including heart rate, skin temperature, humidity, g-forces, and oxygen saturation.

Visualization Software Screenshot Development also continues in IAS's visual analysis application, capable of plotting dozens of time-synced charts of sensor readings. The latest version has an integrated 3D mapping capability, a personal track database, and the ability to play and synchronize videos with the sensor data. All of the graphs and KML tracks found in the sample data section were also created with this software.

To complement the above remote sensor technologies, AII is working on the integration of sensor data collection and management into the versatile emergency managment application, NeXEO, from Innovative Autonomous Systems, LLC. The combined sensor and application-level software will provide an impressive end-to-end solution for emergency management agencies at every level, as well as private industry and production facilities. Using AII developed hardware and software, live sensor data from remote moving vehicles has successfully been inserted and monitored in real-time from the web-browser based NeXEO.

LED display of the chemical sensor Partnering with Cogent Innovations, Inc. and other companies, AII continues to develop custom hardware and intuitive user interfaces for a variety of sensor-based applications.

For more information on any of the above technologies, please see our Contact page.

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